Modern, automated risk management

Cyber attacks on people and technology can cause devastating damage. The dashboard shows you current risks at a glance. Now you can automatically identify technical and human attack points in your company. See what the attackers see. Close vulnerabilities and track the effectiveness of invested budgets in your IT security projects.

Reveal Attack Vectors

To effectively prevent cyber attacks, technical and human attack vectors are recorded. Most attacks target humans first. RISKREX is the only platform that fully automates and analyzes this factor.

Industry and Overall Comparison

Learn how you compare to your industry and overall average. Eliminate the biggest problems to catch up and protect your data and business foundation.

Investments in IT Security Projects

IT and IT security projects are complex and often extend over several weeks, if not years. Keep the benefits of the projects in mind and prove your success.

Extensive Data Export

You can easily export all collected data in different formats and intervals. The simple export function to foreign and own applications is possible.

Mitigate Issues with Solution Providers

You found a weakness but do not know how to fix it? Find the best solution provider directly in the platform and contact them.

Choose your version

Get basic information about what attackers can abuse to attack your organization.
  • Free Cybersecurity Scan
  • Calculation of your score
  • Vulnerabilities and E-Mails

Gain comprehensive insights and tools to reduce your digital risk and take action
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  • Automated Cybersecurity Assessment
  • Extensive data access and export
  • AI-supported analysis of OSINT data
  • Prioritization of risks and risk classes
  • Evaluation of third parties and suppliers
  • Objective evaluation and review of the data
  • Risk matrix with human and technical risks